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Echo Chamber Project Vlog & Podcast Coming Soon

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Videoblogging pioneer Chuck Olsen announces (via The Last Minute) that the new iTunes 4.9 features the capability to watch videoblogs (vlogcasts) along well as podcasts. What does this mean? Olsen says, "it could change everything and introduce videoblogs to the masses."

The word on the street seems to be that this iTunes feature doesn't have nearly as much functionality as the FireANT software where users can subscribe to vlog RSS feeds and have it automatically download videos.

But this latest development fits with the proliferation of personalized video and audio online that was identified by many of the New Media leaders that I interviewed at the Personal Democracy Forum. Vlogs and podcasts are going to be a lot more prevalent over the next 5-10 years, and culture is no longer going to come strictly from the centralized mass media.

So it's time to jump on the bandwagon and start using vlogs and podcasts to collaboratively produce my documentary on the failures of the mainstream media. I might as well be one of the early adopters of these new media technologies.

I had to purchase a faster Macintosh with more RAM and a better video card, and it should be arriving tomorrow. The straw that broke the camel's back was that my current machine doesn't have enough hardware to run Final Cut Pro 5.0. And even if I just upgraded that hardware, my computer doesn't have a fast enough processor to run Motion 2.0 -- which can create a lot more dynamic and animated graphics.

So I after I get more of my Phase01 development mapped out, then expect to see some Echo Chamber Project podcasts and vlogcasts coming within the next month or so.

UPDATE: Testing out my Vlog Feedburner Feed:

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Internet Troubles

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I've been having all sorts of things go wrong with the Internet and this website this week.

My DSL connection has also been going off and all week, and I have a pending trouble ticket with my service provider.

And if you've tried to visit this site within the last day and couldn't, it's because there was something that went wrong with my Drupal settings after my system administrator upgraded the server with new software. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong since everything that happened to get it fixed was behind the scenes between my system administrator and my Drupal-guru Moshe Weitzman.

Many thanks goes out to Weitzman who helped get this site back online by installing the latest version of Drupal HEAD and fixing a bug.

This Drupal upgrade means that I now have some of the latest and greatest features like AJAX support for free-tagging (i.e. drop down menus containing a list of similar folksonomy tags already used). However, being on the cutting edge also means that there is less stability in other features.

We'll see how it goes.

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Tag Cloud for Echo Chamber Project

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Here is a "tag cloud" for all of the folksonomy tags used so far on

You'll see all of the related posts on this site when you click on a tag.

The first tag cloud is ordered by frequency and the second is alphabetized:

New Media | Website | PR | Status | Collaboration | Drupal | Journalism | Transparency | Theory | Decentralization | Echo Chamber Project | Open Source | Film | Blog | Interview | Political | Worldview | Communications | Conference | Folksonomy | Media Criticism | Volunteer | Dialogue | International Law | Rosen | Evolution | Kent Bye | Objectivity | Plante | ToDo | Advisor | Civics | Roadmap | Wilber | About | CivicSpace | Ecosystem | Choice | Murphy | Sociology | ACH | | Intelligence Analysis | Science | Credibility | Distribution | Diversity | Errors | Final Cut Pro | Fundraising | Law | Philosophy of Science | Podcast | Political Bias | Activism | Analysis | CBS | Deception Detection | Editing | History | RSS | Social | Subjectivity | Vlog | ABC | AL Tubes | Economics | FCC | NYT | Sirota | Sundance | Training | Wiki | XML | Borger | Brody | Deliberation | EcoVillage | Identity | LAMP | Lobe | Maine | May | Media Logic | Metaphor | Mitchell | NBC | OHanlon | Psychology | Queen | Software | Spiral Dynamics | Strobel | Sustainability | Transcripts | Brown | Buddhism | Community | Digital Divide | Donnelly | Education | Fair Use | FireANT | Google | Human Rights | KM | Kwiatkowski | Landay | Loiseau | Math | Music | Nature | Schechter | Screencast | Sivaraksa | Skype | Social Capital | Tag Cloud | Thielmann | Thomas | Tiger | Wedgwood |

Below is the alphabetized tag cloud...

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Categorizing Drupal Posts with Folksonomy Tags

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I've been categorizing all of my blog posts with folksonomy tags over the last couple of days. You'll notice categories listed next to the time stamp of each post now.

This will definitely help people surf around the site more efficiently and find posts on topics that interest them.

I've decided to go with a pure folksonomy for now -- which basically means that I'm categorizing posts by typing in the tag name instead of selecting a category from a pre-determined pull-down list of taxonomy terms.

This is a lot more flexible and allows the categories to evolve natrually since I can make up new categories on the fly.

These tags are treated as the normal taxonomy within Drupal which means that you can click on the "Folksonomy" category at the top of the post, and you'll be taken to the page where you can see all of the blog posts or entries that I or anyone else have categorized as "Folksonomy."

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Archives have been cleaned up


When I converted this site from Movable Type to Drupal, I cut and pasted all of the blog entries instead of figuring out how to do a more formal conversion. The good thing was that it was relatively quick. The bad thing was that all of my internal links on my posts were broken.

I didn't figure that it'd be much of a problem, but then I noticed that a lot of errors in the logs from people trying access a number these broken Movable Type blog links. I found it odd until I realized the amount of people finding the site via Google. So I finally just finished cleaning up all of the old links and posts.

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Drupal-Powered Google Juice

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I posted my sitemeter icon directly onto this domain last week and was surprised to see just how many people were browsing this site. It turns out that I'm getting around 40-50 hits a day now that I'm on Drupal, where I was just getting 9-12 back when I was on Movable Type.

Why? It appears that Drupal is much more optimized for search engine crawlers as echoed by this post on the Drupal site: Search engines love Drupal.

It's also attributable to the content about the media and Iraq I've written is still very relavant to what people are looking for on the Internet, and my blog posts seem to have compelling enough titles for people to click on them. Jay Rosen admitted at Blogercon III that most of his traffic comes from Google, and I'm adopting his type of deep thinking blogging strategy rather than a more AP-like Instapundit or Atrios...

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Origin of Banner Graphic

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I did what many graphic designers have probably done at one point or another: search the Internet for images and recontextualize them into something completely different.

I wanted to a nature picture that demonstrated characteristics of Fibonacci Sequences and the Golden Mean, and I found this amazing page by Dr Ron Knott with lots of great pictures and information.

I took his picture of Romanesque, and remixed it into my banner above. I'm going to contact him and see if it is okay to use it on my site.

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Daily Tasks for 6-3-05

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Here's what I have on my plate at the beginning of today -- I'm sure it'll evolve slightly again as it did yesterday.

* Final Cut XML & Drupal (DONE & Made additional Drupal + Final Cut Pro XML graphic)
* Background info on FCP XML post (DONE)
* Effectiveness of Posting Daily Task List (DONE)

* Implement Image_Filter module in order to use a simple syntax for adding images to posts (i.e. "[image:node_id]") (Installed module, but it doesn't seem to work offhand. Look into it again later.)

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Tasks for 6-2-05

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Here's what I have on my plate for today.

* Table of pictures from 13 Personal Democracy Forum interviews (DONE)
* How to do Podcast RSS enclosures in Drupal (DONE)
* Screenshots of the Drupal Folksonomy patch (Trouble Uploading Pix)
* Final Cut XML & Drupal

* Figure out the Image Module -- how to name image nodes something other than the title of a blog post. (DONE)

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Preventing Server Overload with Drupal Cache Settings

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One of the concerns that I have with a Drupal site is getting overwhelmed with traffic without the proper configuration. A link from -- a tech discussion community website & "News for nerds" -- can bring a site down from so much traffic. got slashdotted on the same day it launched back on March 21, 2005.

It didn't take long for Ourmedia to be slashdotted.

Just what we needed with our servers already getting slammed.

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