Interview Audio: Robert David Steele, Open Source Intelligence Evangelist

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Listen to an interview with Robert David Steele.

More information on the Open Source Intelligence conference here.

Transcript Coming Soon.
January 19th, 2006

Steele Interview

Great stuff...ever since I read into Robert Steele's goals I saw him as being at the forefront of some of thee most important issues going to help open the floodgates on freeing intelligence and working to empower 'citizens'.

Overall, your audio interviews are one of a kind, no one else got ahold of anything like this for that conference unless you count our video footage which eventually I will see what I can get over to you.

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Thanks JZ

Thanks for the kudos JZ,
There are also 76 other interviews that I've done so far that I intend on releasing soon. Some of the transcripts are already available here.

There were a lot of other interesting topics discussed at the conference, and you certainly have a rich archive of many other issues that were brought up during the keynotes. Keep me posted on what comes of it all.


Freeing Information, Freeing Culture

Indirectly related...good ole Laurence Lessig.
It's a Flash with mostly audio, interesting history pieces related to creative productions, law, and the persistence of control.