Brainstorming Ideas from Blog Conference

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I wrote down a list of useful ideas and concepts that were mentioned at the Harvard Blogging & Journalism Conference today.

I would like to implement as many of the following ideas as I can:

Transparency Issues

* Write a FAQ
* Start using Correction Marks for incorrect information
* Link to Biographical information & Resume
* Publish mission statement, linking policy, e-mail policy, corrections policy, and a set of ethical principles.
* Disclose any and all conflicts of interest
* Disclose that the accuracy of the interview transcripts have not yet been independently verified by a third-party.

Require Volunteer Technical Assistance for

* Figuring how to use RSS feeds for Mac OS 10.1.2
* Setting up some Wikis on
* Converting site from Static HTML to php
* Publishing trackback excerpts on the site.
* Implementing some sort of SPAM filtering on comment section
* Creating a database of volunteers who are willing to help with The Echo Chamber

Other Miscellaneous Issues:

* Investigate how Technorati works
* Recruit volunteer analysts who are willing to filter through comments and summarize feedback (i.e. when the comments start flowing in)
* Get more information on libel law
* Continue to develop an affiliated network of bloggers and academic advisors
* Encourage the development of offline communities to discuss the production of this project.
* Figure other specific tools and procedures required for fostering collaboration and conversational dialogue.
* Figure out how to incorporate input from people from all around the world.