Echo Chamber Documentary Interviews


Listed below are the interviews that have been transcribed by volunteer citizen journalists...


Bill Plante CBS News White House Beat Reporter
Jonathan Landay Knight Ridder National Security Correspondent
Warren Strobel Knight Ridder Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Julian Borger Guardian of London United States Bureau Chief
Helen Thomas Hearst Newspapers Editorial Writer
Greg Mitchell Editor & Publisher Editor
John R. MacArthur Harper's Magazine Editor
Pamela Hess United Press International Pentagon Beat Reporter
Amy Goodman Democracy Now! Radio Show Host
Jim Lobe Inter Press Service Washington Bureau Chief
Verna Avery Brown Pacifica Radio Washington Bureau Chief
Robert Dreyfuss Nation, American Prospect, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone Investigative Reporter & Blogger
Jack Nelson Los Angeles Times Retired Washington Bureau Chief
Lawrence Grossman NBC News & PBS Retired President
Tom Rosenstiel Committee for Concerned Journalists Director


Steve Rendall Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Senior Analyst
Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Contributing writer
Danny Schechter News Dissector
Andrew Tyndall Tyndall Report Director


Susan Moeller University of Maryland
Jay Rosen New York University / PressThink Blog Journalism Department Chairman
Todd Gitlin Columbia University


Michael O'Hanlon Brookings Institute
Grover Norquist Americans for Tax Reform Republican Strategist
Thomas Donnelly American Enterprise Institute / Project for the New American Century
Cliff May Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
David Sirota Center for American Progress
John Prados National Security Archive
Joyce Battle National Security Archive


Ruth Wedgwood Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies / Committee for the Liberation of Iraq
Phyllis Bennis Institute for Policy Studies
James Paul Global Policy Forum
Sean Murphy George Washington University


Greg Thielmann Ret. State Department Intelligence and Research Analyst
Karen Kwiatkowski Ret. Pentagon Analyst Policy Analyst for Near East South Asia
Ray McGovern Ret. CIA Analyst Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
John H. Brown Ret. State Department Foreign Service Officer


Reed Brody Human Rights Watch Lawyer
Nathalie Loiseau French Embassy Director of Communications
Damu Smith Black Voices for Peace President
Afaf Stevens Former Iraqi Citizen Bridging East & West Initiative
Christopher Queen Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions
Sulak Sivaraksa Buddhist Activist Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Gola Wolf Richards Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
James O'Dea Institute of Noetic Sciences President


Markos Moulitsas
Markos Moulitsas DailyKos
Jeff Jarvis
Jeff Jarvis
Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt
Dan Gillmor
Dan Gillmor Grassroots Media Inc. Author of We the Media

UPDATE: Center for Citizen Media

Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan

Halley Suitt
Halley Suitt Halley's Comment Blog
Rebecca MacKinnon
Rebecca MacKinnon RConversation & Global Voices Online
Doc Searls
Doc Searls Doc Searls Weblog
Mindy Finn
Mindy Finn Republican National Committee Deputy eCampaign Director
Sheldon Rampton
Sheldon Rampton & SourceWatch
Christopher Rabb
Christopher Rabb Afro-Netizen
Scott Heiferman
Scott Heiferman Co-Founder and CEO of
Hossein Derakhashan
Hossein Derakhshan
Tom Curley
Tom Curley President/CEO of the Associated Press
Richard Sambrook
Richard Sambrook Director, BBC Global News Division
Merrill Brown
Merrill Brown Media Consultant, MMB Media LLC
Susan Mernit
Susan Mernit Digital Media Consultant, 5ive
Andrew Nachison
Andrew Nachison Director, The Media Center
Lex Alexander
Lex Alexander Citizen Journalism Coordinator, Greensboro News-Record
Steve Rubel
Steve Rubel Public Relations Blogger, MicroPersuasion
Andy Carvin
Andy Carvin The Digital Divide Network


Congressman Rob Simmons Congressman Rob Simmons Chairman of the Homeland Security Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment Subcommittee
Elliot Jardines Elliot Jardines Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Open Source
Robert David Steele Robert David Steele Open Source Intelligence Evangelist, Retired CIA Case Officer
Michael Andregg Michael Andregg Intelligence Reform Consultant and Professor of the Causes of War
Photo Not Available Carolyn Stewart Retired Colonel with Military Intelligence
Mats Bjore Mats Bjore Retired Lt. Colonel with Swedish Military Intelligence & Founder of Infosphere & Silobreaker
Ralph Peters Ralph Peters Retired Army Lt. Colonel, Author and New York Post Columnist
Robert Young Pelton Robert Young Pelton Adventurer, Journalist and Author of "The World's Most Dangerous Places"
Stephen E. Arnold Stephen E. Arnold Technology Consultant and Author of "The Google Legacy"
Peter Morville Peter Morville Information Scientist, Information Architecture Pioneer & Author of "Ambient Findability"


Don Beck

Don Beck National Values Center & Spiral Dyanamics Integral Model of Worldviews and Value structures
Marilyn Schlitz

Marilyn Schlitz Vice President for Research and Education, Institute of Noetic Sciences (bio)
Dean Radin

Dean Radin Senior Scientist at Institute of Noetic Sciences (bio)
Fred Alan Wolf

Fred Alan Wolf Quantum Physicist featured in What the Bleep Do We Know?
Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist Author of The Soul of Money
Van Jones

Van Jones Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (bio)
Susan Davis

Susan Davis President of Capital Missions Company (bio)
Peter Russell

Peter Russell Eastern Philosophy Author & Futurist
Duane Elgin

Duane Elgin Futurist & Media Activist, (bio)
Sharif Abdullah

Sharif Abdullah President of the Commonway Institute (bio)