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Status Update

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If you are a volunteer transcriber and are wondering what the latest status is, I am waiting to receive some feedback on the non-disclosure contract.

I personally hate dealing with this type of legalese, but it is an important safety net for the project.

Kudos to Dani Dennis for her impeccable proof reading of my entire site. I've been correcting many of the grammatical and spelling errors that she has graciously pointed out to me. Thank you Dani!

Today I spoke with a producer from Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism and Uncovered: : The War on Iraq. He is very interested in the community-building aspects and is willing to help advise the project.

Also, I drafted some provisional instructions for formatting the transcriptions.
Click below for more details.

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Transcribing Logistics

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I have to exert some sort of order and control on this volunteer transcription process, and so I have adapted this non-disclosure agreement that I found online.

I want to open-source the text of the interviews, but I need to keep the sound recordings and audio confidential for a number of reasons. I hope to be able to release the audio and video at some point in the future, but there are a number of things that need to happen before I will be able to do this.

I hope that the following agreement will be sufficient.
If you have any additional insights or feedback to provide me, then please let me know.



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Loading Footage


For anyone keeping track, I have digitized the following interviews into my computer:

Bill Plante, Jonathan Landay, Warren Strobel, Greg Mitchell, Pamela Hess, Jack Nelson, Lawrence Grossman, Danny Schechter, Andrew Tyndall, Michael O'Hanlon, James Paul, Ray McGovern, and Amy Goodman.

I purchased a DVD/CD burner and I have been able to successfully burn three interviews to CD. I will be sending out some paper work to the volunteer transcribers, and as soon as I begin to receive a response, then the transcribing can begin!

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All Interviews Are Assigned!



Bartcop put a call out to his readers to help transcribe all 44 interviews for this project and I have already enough volunteers less than 24 hours later.

If you signed up, then you'll be receiving an e-mail soon with more instructions.

Just dealing with a flood of e-mails... a good sign.

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Recruitment Update

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Yesterday Bartcop ran a plug for this project and the site was flooded with hits.

I received 39 out of a total need of 44 volunteer transcribers within the first 12 hours of Bartcop's posting.

Also I received a half dozen other offers for people to do whatever they can.

What an amazing response!
Thanks Bartcop!

People are really eager to help reform our mainstream media.

We went into the the belly of the beast with this project, and it is going to be a learning process for everyone who gets involved with it. You'll gain a lot of insight into the media and create a teaching tool to help wake the American public out of a trance of propaganda.

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No Evidence to Merit US Enforcement of UN Resolutions

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On March 20th, the State Department told the UN that they were attacking Iraq because Iraq’s disarmament obligations needed to be enforced:

Coalition forces have commenced military operations in Iraq. These operations are necessary in view of Iraq’s continued material breaches of its disarmament obligations under relevant Security Council resolutions, including 1441 (2002).

Now the question of the moment is "Will the CIA inspections report tomorrow provide any evidence to actually substantiate that Iraq was not disarmed when the US commenced military action?"

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NYT Letting Bush Re-Frame Reasons for War

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The NYT’s takes a leak from the Bush Adminstration to let them frame the headline, Inspector's Report to Detail Iraqi Plans to Undermine Sanctions and Produce Illicit Arms

But yet they provide no evidence for their hypothetical predictions of how Saddam would break the sanctions to build WMD.

With Election Day less than a month away, the White House has been seeking to persuade voters that the war in Iraq was justified even though the weapons stockpiles it cited as the main rationale for the invasion now do not appear to have existed.
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ABC Gives "Extraordinary Admission" 103 Words

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Since the NYT brought up the AL tubes story again, then I thought I'd release this suprising nugget that I came across while pouring through the 30-week pre-war time period.

On January 30th, ABC News reported on an "extraordinary admission" from the Assistant Secretary of State regarding the linchpin of the Bush Adminstration's case that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons.

Here are the entire 103 words that ABC dedicated to this story:

PETER JENNINGS - There was an extraordinary admission today from a senior member of the Bush Administration about a key piece of evidence the President claimed to have against Saddam Hussein. First, listen to what the President said at the State of the Union.

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AL Tube Red Flags Ignored by Media

Sunday's New York Times' had a 10,000-word indictment on the Bush Administration's claims that Iraq's Aluminum Tubes were meant for nukes while the nuke experts thought that they were most likely for conventional rockets.

Editor & Publisher's Greg Mitchell critiques the NYT's critique.

Mitchell sets the scene:

on Sept. 23, 2002, a respected Washington arms control group, the Institute for Science and International Security, released a report, based on information from Energy Department insiders, which the Times today calls "the first public airing of facts that undermined the most alarming suggestions about Iraq's nuclear threat."
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Passing the Global Test? Preemption is the Big Lie

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I know that perception matters more than the truth, but anyone interested in the facts and long-term historical record might be interested to know that the war in a Iraq was technically not a "Preemptive Strike."

This issue of preemption produced Kerry’s most memorable comment of "But if and when you do it [preemptive action], Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test..."

Even Jim Lehrer got this fact wrong by asking Bush, "Does the Iraq experience make it more likely or less likely that you would take the United States into another preemptive military action?"

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