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Blogroll for New Media


I've been surveying a number of the new media and citizen journalist blogs over the last couple of weeks and have settled upon the following blogroll to keep posted on the latest developments.

Dan Gillmor
Jay Rosen
Jeff Jarvis
Stevel Rubel
Dave Winer
Dave Weinberger
Ed Cone

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Director's Thoughts on Iraq War & Election

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I thought that it would be appropriate to comment on what I thought about the Iraqi elections as well as my personal views on the war in Iraq. What does Iraq's election mean for this documentary, and for recruiting a wide range of volunteers to help collaborating on a project about a very politically and emotionally-charged issue?

The Echo Chamber documentary analyzes the performance of the media during the build-up to the war in Iraq. Some may say, "The Iraqi elections were held yesterday, and going to war in Iraq and deposing of Saddam was a good thing. Why are you doing a documentary on the media during this time period?"

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A Message to High School Students

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My high school picked me as an alumni of the month for Feburary, and they are setting up a display case where they want me to send some awards and other things about me. But instead of doing this, I've decided to write an open letter directly to the students -- It's very influenced by the types of things that I've been reading for my open-source documentary, including Dan Gillmor's We The Media


My name is Kent Bye and I'm working on a documentary about the media.

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Another Online Collaborative Investigative Project

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CivicSpace Lab's Zack Rosen passed along the name of Aldon Hynes, who is setting up a Center for Online Investigative Research, which will also be running on CivicSpace.

Hynes & I talked about our respective projects and similar issues that we are facing such as implementing a set of collaborative tools that are intuitively useful for potential citizen journalists, setting up a centralized/decentralized ecosystem of volunteer labor, establishing a fixed taxonomy vs. having an open folksonomy to organize information, and establishing a reputation system of users and messages.

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Collaborative Platform Moving Along

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Within a couple of hours of posting a message to the CivicSpace Community yesterday, a developer from called up and offered to help set up a CivicSpace site for

This means that some of the current URL's here will probably be changing. The sooner I switch over, then the easier it'll be.

I'm keeping in contact with this volunteer programmer, and I'll pass along more information as the site gets up and running.

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Calling on CivicSpace Community-Building Platform

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I've been getting up to speed on the latest and greatest web technologies, and one of the most promising finds that I've made so far is with CivicSpace Labs.

When I interviewed PressThink's Jay Rosen last June, he had mentioned that his nephew Zack was an open-source programmer who was working with the Dean Campaign. DeanSpace was the community-building platform built on top of the open-source content management platform of Drupal. DeanSpace has continued development as CivicSpace and has an impressive range of community-building and collaboration tools that should come in real handy for managing a decentralized volunteer labor force.

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Can Tagging Create a Noospheric Taxonomy?

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David Weinberger gave a speech at the Harvard Blogging conference last week about tagging and taxonomies.

Weinberger eloquently described the dilemma of losing meaning during the quantization process by explaining how the Dewey Decimal Classification system's religion category gives 88 full numbers to Christianity and only one number each to Judaism and Islam -- a disproportionate number of slots were given to one religion over these others due to a cultural bias and a finite number of available categories.

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New Media Tech Research for Collaborative Documentary

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I've been researching New Media blogs and community-building platforms over the last couple of days for

I'll report back with more thoughts soon.

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Open Source Documentary: Centralized vs. Decentralized?

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One clear goal for The Echo Chamber documentary is to grow a community of volunteers who can actively participate in the production of this film.

There are a number of collaborative media sites that are popping up that synthesize, recontextulize and disseminate beat reporting and new analysis of current affairs -- Wiki News & Take Back the News (via Weblosky via Dan Gillmor)

The Echo Chamber Project is different in that it is more like a collaborative investigative journalism project that is dealing with a fairly fixed data set of 40 hours of interview footage and 35+ hours of news clippings.

The burning questions that I have is:

* Should I focus on developing a volunteer community that is ordered and centralized at a community blog here at
* Should this volunteer community be chaotic and decentralized throughout the entire blogosphere?
* Or should this volunteer force be some combination of order and chaos?

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Limitations of Wiki News' Neutral Point of View Policy

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Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales was at the Harvard Blogging Conference this weekend, and he spoke about the Neutral Point of View Policy (aka NPOV) and how it might apply to Wiki News.

Wales said that the NPOV policy works best as a means to get a lot of people to collaborate and synthesize news from other primary news sources, but that it would be probably difficult for WikiNews to do much original reporting. They have high standards of neutrality and verifiability, and they also don't accept original reporting unless it is from a known and trusted wikipedian.

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