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ECP Featured on OurMedia's Front Page!

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I just discovered that the first Echo Chamber vlog made it up onto the front page of! This is great news, and will provide some great exposure for the project. Front Page!

This is great timing as I just start to promote the project beyond the New Media blogosphere.

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FireANT RSS Feed Parsing Problems with Drupal & FeedBurner

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People can't subscribe to my vlog feed with FireANT at the moment -- although iTunes seems to work.

UPDATE: This has been fixed now. If you're running into this problem, then check down at the bottom for how to fix it. [Coming soon...]

It seems as though that Drupal may be causing a problem with my Drupal RSS feed for my vlog being sent to FeedBurner, which is causing the FireANT videoblog aggregator to not parse the Feedburner vlog feed correctly.

I'm still not totally sure if it's Drupal or FeedBurner that's causing the problems, but I'm posting more technical details below so that I can ask around in the hopes of trying to debug this issue.

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Launching the ECP to the World

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I spent most of yesterday sending out e-mails pitching my first vlog posting to the new media blogosphere.

It looks like it's gaining some momentum after receiving links from podcasting pioneer Eric Rice, OurMedia executive director JD Lasica and Blogumentary director / vlogging pioneer Chuck Olsen.

I also posted an announcment to the YahooGroups Videoblogging listserve, which tapped into the very friendly and energetic vlogging community.

I've been tracking the vlogging community for a while here:, and I sent it to some vloggers for some preliminary feedback earlier this week, which I got a lot of positive feedback from.

I share a lot of the same values of openness and transparency with the vlogosphere (and the larger blogosphere as well), and I think the first vlog post will continue to get more attention over the next week or so as it slowly comes out of the more technical parts of the New Media blogosphere, and hopefully over to the political end of blogosphere by the end of next week.

How far and wide it'll end up spreading is really hard to predict, but I'm pretty optimistic at this point.

I'm going to try to track the progress by tagging mentions of the vlog with the ECP tag over at found at this page: I'm going to set up an RSS aggregator in the sidebar so that it'll appear on this site.

I figure that if I'm going to be obsessing over tracking statistics of inbound links, then I might as well do something useful with it.

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Echo Chamber Project Vlog Episode 1: Introduction

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Introducing the first Echo Chamber Project video blog entry & vlog!

Description: First vlog episode about an open source, investigative documentary on how the television news became an uncritical echo chamber to the countdown towards war in Iraq -- and proposed tools for collaborative journalism that can provide some solutions.

Featuring: Jay Rosen, Dan Gillmor, Doc Searls, Jonathan Landay, Pamela Hess, Bill Plante, Halley Suitt, Marilyn Schlitz, Kent Bye and 60 others.

To Watch the Video click here -- or on the picture below -- or try here if that link doesn't work. Check back in 10-15 minutes if neither work, the Internet Archive has been a bit spotty.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


(6:15 minutes / 15 MB)
Download QuickTime

Listed below is

* A full transcript of this video with additional links
* How to keep informed with the project (Vlog RSS / Blog RSS)
* How to get more involved
* Click here & scroll to the bottom to leave feedback or other comments.

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Excerpts from Cline's recent essay regarding the ECP

Here are excerpts from an essay I recently submitted to a proceedings journal to be published by the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association.

Negotiating the Story Online: Social Networks and Critical Pedagogy in Broadcast and Documentary Journalism

The open-source movement is an accepted phenomenon of the internet, especially regarding the production of software and the sharing of academic knowledge (e.g. the Linux operating system and the MIT open courseware project). We daily see evidence that open-source journalism is becoming a fact of life for print journalists as newspapers open their websites to citizen participation. Independent news organizations are creating sites in which citizen-journalists assign, report, write, and edit the news (e.g. and Unlike the previous generation of documentary journalists and broadcasters, today's student will work in an open environment that will present significant professional challenges as citizens increasingly participate in the production and critique of news and features. Open-source projects, and the online social networks these create, could offer broadcast journalism students significant critical learning experiences now. In addition to gaining practical knowledge, such projects may allow students to discover critical approaches to documentary and broadcast journalism by witnessing, and participating in, the complex heuristic dialogue of an online social network.

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Collaborative Filmmaking Flowchart

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I've completed a first draft of my first video blogging entry, and I realized that I needed a graphic to talk through just exactly how I plan on doing Collaborative Filmmaking by using Drupal and Final Cut Pro XML.

Here is the graphic that describes my vision of the Phase 01 infrastructure needed to collect folksonomy and quantitative metadata from volunteers on the soundbites:

Collaborative Filmmaking Flowchart

It's a bit difficult to convey everything in a soundbite or two, and so my second videoblogging entry may go into more details about it.

But for now, I'll just post this graphic online in a few places, and provide a brief overview and hook in my first vlog entry.

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10 Interviews at Conference on Consciousness


I've been back from a Conference on Consciousness and Healing put on by the Institute of Noetic Sciences for a few days now, but my Internet has been down again preventing me from making too many updates.

My wife and I attended the conference for our personal and professional interests, and I was able to conduct 10 brief stand-up interviews with consciousness researchers, quantum physicists, human rights advocates, Worldview & Values researchers, and leaders from the Complementary & Alternative Medicine movement.

What insights did I gain?

Well, there are actually a lot of parallels between the conflicts between Objective Mainstream Media vs. Subjective Blogs / New Media Technologies and between Objective Mainstream Medicine vs. Subjective Mind-Body Healing techniques.

The conference participants provided a lot of insight for the importance of holistic thinking, being inclusive of many different perspectives, how subjectivity and worldviews filter perception, and the importance of how community and collaboration can be facilitated through relationships and conversation.

I got a lot of great sound bites to flesh some of these ideas out, and I plan on introducing some of the concepts in my videoblog in order to start spreading some of these ideas to a wider audience. I intend for this to help build community and momentum around this project to develop the tools for collaborative citizen videojournalism that makes it both viable and scalable.

Below is a list of the people that I interviewed at the Consciousness & Healing Conference

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Preparing FCP Sequences for Distributed Editing via XML

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I've been spending the last couple of days learning the ropes with Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, Garageband and the new features in Final Cut Pro 5.

Lots of new tools that provide even more possibilities.

I thought I'd report some preliminary results from some of my experiments with the Final Cut Pro XML export capabilities.

There seems to be some promising possibilities for doing distributed editing of interview footage by using dummy MP3 audio files that are linked to offline static video & high-res audio footage.

Initial tests show that MP3 dummy files could serve as an effective timecode placeholder and a provide a bandwidth workaround for projects with a lot of media files. But I'll have to look into it further as there does seem to be some timecode slippage when converting from AIFF to MP3 (i.e. the converted MP3 files have more frames than the original quicktime/AIFF files).

Below is a rough sketch for How to prepare a Final Cut Pro sequence for distributed editing...

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Tag Cloud Development Update

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I'm happy to report that my tag cloud font distribution algorithms were able to catch the eye of Bèr Kessels -- the author of the tagadelic module -- he passed word to Steven Wittens who is helping implement logarithmic thresholding into the tagadelic module.

I chatted with Kessels and Wittens on the #drupal IRC channel this afternoon, and found out that personalized tag clouds are also on Kessels' development track. I'm still pushing group tag clouds created from different user profile identities (i.e. creating tag clouds for the tags from anti-war and pro-war identified users). More details in the 2nd & 3rd flowcharts here.

Wittens also reported that he's implementing a one-line tag cloud query in MySQL:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS count, d.tid, FROM term_data d INNER JOIN term_node n ON d.tid = n.tid WHERE d.vid = 1 GROUP BY d.tid, ORDER BY count DESC LIMIT 60

I don't even know the syntax of MySQL yet or fully understand this. But I thought I'd share it here in case any one else might be interested.

UPDATE: Wittens responded below that he just committed the latest tagadelic version here. Here's ECP's tagadelic tagcloud

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New Computer Arrived


My new Macintosh was delivered today!

As I mentioned yesterday:

I had to purchase a faster Macintosh with more RAM and a better video card, and it should be arriving tomorrow. The straw that broke the camel's back was that my current machine doesn't have enough hardware to run Final Cut Pro 5.0. And even if I just upgraded that hardware, my computer doesn't have a fast enough processor to run Motion 2.0 -- which can create a lot more dynamic and animated graphics.

So I'm excited to get my new hardware up and running so that I can start figuring the details for interfacing Final Cut Pro's XML capabilities with Drupal for collaborative editing.

I'm also excited to start getting some audio and video out there.

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